Dear Miss GAN
It is early that time goes by.
1 and a half month passed since I met GAN for the first time.
Was it cheerful?
Did you enjoy the for Thai New Year holidays?
It is March now.
Agriculture is the busy time.
Work of my company is sale of a tractor.
Therefore I am the busiest now.
I go to a company early in the morning.
And I come home in a house in the middle of the night.
This busy situation continues more than one month.
I was not able to write a letter to GAN at all busily.
I'm sorry.
I come home late at night and watch a photograph of GAN.
And I remember it.
And I come to have a big love to GAN.
In my soul (a heart), there is GAN.
GAN in my memory always laughs.
GAN in my memory is always a joyful face.
I feel a face of dearest GAN and get well.
I become happy.
As for me, a heart becomes bright.
I kissed GAN in an airport of Bangkok.
As for me, a smile at that time is not forgotten.

When moved by car.
You talked by a gesture hand gesture.
As for the meaning, do "I want you to kiss?"
It is a joke!

I remembered the time when GAN and KASE watched my face.
- - -
When GAN injected it at a hospital, is small; spoke.
I heard the voice and thought it to be pretty.
GAN has polluted clothes during a meal.
I remember a face of GAN at that time.
All is a splendid memory.
All is a pleasant memory.
Thank you very much.
The next letter writes a mother, a memory of a big sister as a father of GAN.
With a letter in front, I made a mistake in a name of GAN.
The person who introduced it made a mistake.
I wrote a name of a profile.
I'm sorry.
I remembered that everybody pronounced it GAN.

We had a call on March 31 from a Japanese of a relative of GAN.
I had a various talk for 20 minutes.
I do not yet get an answer of marriage then.
Therefore I said that I wanted to "really marry GAN".

When GAN OK it on April 3, I got an answer.
I did not have a relationship with a woman more than 20 years.
Naturally the marriage was not thought about.
My heart became full of joy and relief then.
I ask a younger brother now to appear in a wedding ceremony.
It would be correct, and thank you for a plan of a wedding ceremony.
On June 13, I stay at an airport hotel of Japanese Narita Airport.
On June 14, I go to THAILAND by air.
I look forward to a day to be able to meet GAN again very much.
Please tell to boil a father and a big sister, a mother, the Japanese who are relative, MOO.
I am going to write a letter again.

GAN, thank you.
Thank you very much.

I called a person of a Japanese relative many times, but was not connected.
A Thai employee appeared, and it has been cut.
I change a phone company and call again.

I finish writing a letter.
But it wants to be over, and there is not yet it.
I am the feeling that wants to continue writing more letters.
A letter of I am not chipped off to love GAN.
It is irritating. iIt is irritatingjIt is late-night 1:00 now.
I will go to a company tomorrow.
Good night.
I yearn for GAN. (I feel dearest GAN.)

@April 30, 2007(2550). @
Late-night 1:00.